Flong The Chariot

Bio: It's not, technically, ABOUT ME, but I feel it describes me as a frustrated blogger, FOR REAL. My posts on the "The Quirky Flong d'Chariot" page are part of my existence, and I don't force people to appreciate my pieces yet I let them criticize or perhaps appreciate it. I dare to dream. I perceived myself as ...naive wanderer. Recently, I just found that traveling is my newest passion. However, I want to travel alone because I can find happiness if I am not with my friends and relatives. I feel the real freedom, learn new things and discover my real weaknesses and strengths once I am not in my hometown, wandering alone in a foreign and distant land. ...the not-your-type instructor. I love teaching, that is my passion, my vocation. I am aiming for something that is enduring, to value lasting learning and influence others forever...however, I am not humane, I love terrorizing students since I do believe, if the aura in the classroom has pressured and scared, people will do act accordingly. ...the voyeur. God, time will halt whenever I see a good-looking man who exhibits his genitals either accidental or intentional.

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